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Day: November 14, 2018

SEC Says that Digital Tokens are Securities; Requires Trading Platform to Register as Exchange

The SEC fined and censured the founder of a digital token trading platform that failed to register as a national securities exchange.  The SEC argued that, under SEC v. Howey, the tokens traded included securities because the purchasers of tokens “invested money with a reasonable expectation of profits, including through the increased value of their investments in secondary trading, based on the managerial efforts of others.”  The token exchange allowed buyers and sellers to view pairs available for trading and a display of the top 500 bids and allowed users to enter buy and sell orders.

We expect a well-funded party will ultimately challenge the SEC in the courts about whether digital tokens are securities subject to SEC supervision.  However, until a court decides otherwise, those that trade in digital tokens and those that facilitate trading must register as broker-dealers or as exchanges.