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Day: June 21, 2019

Large Firm Will Pay Over $280 Million to Settle FCPA Charges

A large retailer agreed to pay more than $282 Million to settle charges brought by the Department of Justice and the SEC that it failed to implement anti-corruption procedures required by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The prosecutors assert that the company knew about FCPA violations including unlawful payments routed through intermediaries as far back as 2000 but failed to take any meaningful action until 2011. Alleged failures included neglecting to follow up on obvious red flags raised by the internal audit function, revising internal recommendations, delegating compliance to in-country business units, and failing to implement sufficient training. An SEC enforcement official maintains that the company “valued international growth and cost-cutting over compliance.”

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act requires registrants to implement rigorous compliance and internal controls to prevent unlawful payments to foreign government officials. Violations can result in substantial civil and criminal penalties.