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SEC Has Made Awards to Only 0.2% of Whistleblowers


The SEC reported near-record activity in its whistleblower program for 2019.  The Office of the Whistleblower received more than 5,200 tips in fiscal in 2019, nearly equaling last year’s record total.  However, only eight individuals received a portion of the $60 million in whistleblower awards in 2019.  Since the program began in 2011, the SEC has received over 33,000 tips but has awarded a total of $387 million to 67 individuals.   The most common tips involve corporate disclosures and financials, offering fraud, and manipulation.  The SEC expects to adopt new rules that expand the program in 2020.

The SEC whistleblower program has made awards to only 0.2% of tips (67/33,300).  While we laud the $2 Billion that has been recovered, we wonder whether the SEC could develop a more efficient reporting mechanism.