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Compliance Cartoon Series

At Cipperman Compliance Services, we take regulatory requirements quite literally – heck, we practically preach adherence to the letter of the law! Which is why we are so pleased to offer these literal, er, liberal interpretations of our most important maxims. You can find a highlighted example of our Compliance Cartoon Series on the CCS Home page; here is the entire set for your edification and enjoyment.

Doesn't our manual seem a little outdated to you? There's got to be a better way to build a culture of compliance.
This is almost as challenging as building our compliance manual. Now, which way did you say was up?
CCO Wearing too Many Hats
And that wraps up the last item of business on the agenda. Before we adjourn, are we missing anything? Image: Elephant CCO sitting at table
With this weak of a foundation, what do you think their compliance program looks like?
We are very excited to outsource the CCO role to Cipperman Compliance.
I'm checking the compliance work Cipperman is doing for us - in REAL TIME.
Email or text me with any questions.
Thank goodness you're here. We're really drowning in this compliance mess.
Let's walk through the new SEC regulations.
Yes, we are all about transparency. You can review our work at any time.
Hey guys, the regulators are back. I hope our review is better than last time!
First time I can get away and feel good about it. Thanks, Cipperman!
You're just in time to help us get organized
Check your email every 2 minutes. Just kidding, make that five minutes.
Check your email every 2 minutes. Just kidding, make that five minutes.
Let us help you lighten your compliance workload
A Compliance Review is like your physical: Critical, Humbling, Unpleasant, Necessary
Apply the Goldilocks rule of valuation: Not too high, not too low, Just Right.
Unlike literature, compliance manuals should NOT be brief or witty.
What do kitchens and compliance have in common? Neither can be too clean!
Treat the SEC Examiners like a police officer that just pulled you over
OCD also means Organize Compliance Document
Document every conversation and save every document
CEOs that don't care about compliance... could end up in the food service industry
It is important for the company CCO to know something about compliance
CCO Wearing too Many Hats