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Watch CCS principal Todd Cipperman’s appearances on financial industry programs and as interviewer of special guest experts at important conferences, as well as at CCS’s own OUR TAKE LIVE lunch and learn events.

How to Prepare for a Regulatory Exam


How to Prepare for a Regulatory Exam – Full Length

Commercial Videos

Checking In: How’s Business Today?

In the News

Todd on Yahoo! Finance
Shutdown impact on IPO’s

Todd on Fox Business Network
Todd Cipperman speaks about Insider Trading

Todd on CNBC
Pharma boss Martin Shkreli arrested

Todd on “The Street”
SEC Eyes Examination of Alternative Mutual Funds

Todd on Business News Network
Why asset management firms are relieved by Trump victory Latest
Hedge Funds Under Attack
BNN Market Sense Program Interview
Compliance to become a focus
BNN Market Sense Program Interview

Our Take Live 2013

King of Prussia, Pa
Noreen D. Beaman Interview
Compliance Then and Now
Importance in Organizational Structure
Relevance of Compliance
Best Form of Communication
Type of Person
How a CCO Should Spend Their Time
Measurement of Compliance Success
Elements of a Compliance Company

Our Take Live

Philadelphia, Pa

FINRA Update
Emerging Areas of Focus
Enforcement Actions
So, What Should We Focus On?

How to Survive an SEC Exam


How to Survive an SEC Exam – Full Length

Form PF

Enterprise/Risk Management Exercise
Holistic Solution
A Form PF Filer
Leverage Technology


Should I hire?
Compliance IS a Big Deal!
Once you are exposed, there is no looking back
Delaying Your Decision
But, we do the right thing…
The Decision Making Process
Career Paths
Financial Perspective


5 Stages of Compliance Grief
Commodity Pool Operators
Whistle Blowers
Hedge and Equity Funds
Private Equity: “This can’t apply to us… Can it?”
Marketing and Advertising